Dec 23, 2013

Pretty Little Liars Books 2-6 by Sara Shepard│ Semi-Review


♥My Review♥

After reading the first two books of the Pretty Little Liars Series, I decided that I would group my review with the books for several reasons. One, they are so good that I am going through them like a mad woman and it's hard to keep certain aspects of each book together since I watch the television series on ABC Family. Which I highly recommend because it is just as addicting as the books.

Two, so much happens in each one as it does in the series, yet the characters are different and so are major plots in the television series than the books. Does that make sense?? Like I said, they all follow the books, but are still very much independent of each other.

Okay, with all that out in the open, which I probably have mentioned, lets talk about the books and characters.
The girls are described differently in appearance, most of all the girls being blonde, I still see the characters from the show being them. So that is a little different, but not at all hard to get used to.

The one thing I really like the books more than the show is that it takes several books for the girls to actually mend their friendships. They all have their reasons, all surrounding their friendships with Allisen, but as they keep getting the letters or text messages from A, they all seem to bond together over that.

These books are very addictive and hard to put down. I have read the first 6 of the series over the past week and I am continuing with them over Christmas break.

I don't know what to say that wouldn't ruin these books for you, but I can say that they are worth the read. They are written so well, and the plots are continuiosly changing throught the series. You will think a certain character is definitly A, than you will come to find out that the least likely suspect is A. Than, you find discover that what you thought you knew, was all a lie.

As a writer, it is amazing that Sara can create all these intriguing and dangerous scenarios and change them all around flawlessly. Sara Shepard is a unique writer and I can totally see why this series was picked up by ABC Family and has so many books in it. I hope to read more!!

I gave each of these books ♥♥♥♥♥ out of ♥♥♥♥♥ on Goodreads.

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