Jul 9, 2014

Update for Book Talk With Jess

Hello everyone,

 If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, you know that my Blog was removed on July 3rd by Blogger's Automated Classification System by mistake. They were kind enough to reinstate the blog on July 4th (a holiday which I was totally not expecting but appreciated very much). However, once the blog was reinstated, I was not able to Publish any of my posts!! :(

As of today, it looks like the issue is solved and all my scheduled posts have been published!! Thank the Blog Gods!!!

As for the few posts for Blog Tour Stops, the posts are up, however my reviews are missing from the posts. I am not able to add the reviews at this time due to being on vacation and uploading this post on my iPhone. Once I get back, I will have those reviews up and published!

I am very sorry for the inconvenience of this situation and I apologize to the authors who depend on bloggers, such as myself, to publish our posts on time! Unfortunately, unseen circumstances make that impossible for the time being, but I promise to get those reviews up ASAP!

Thank all of you for your patience and understanding! 


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