Mar 12, 2014

Top 5 Wednesday│Book Parents (parent/guardian/adult figure)

Book Parents (parent/guardian/adult figure)

♥Charlie Swan♥
Charlie is so protective even if he isn't aware of who he should be protecting Bella from. He has his own way of looking out for Bella and trying to stay a part of her life, even if that means talking about certain aspects that no father wants to know about his daughter, like whether she is a still a virgin or not.

♥Katniss Everdeen♥
Even though Katniss and Prim have a mother, Katniss has taken over the protective motherly figure for her younger sister. Their mother has struggled being the mother figure for them since their father was killed in the mine shaft. Katniss makes sure that she has food and all the love and encouragement that she isn't given by their mother.

♥Carlise and Esme♥
Carlisle and Esme have always supported and protected their own. When Bella came into their lives, they took her in and protected her as their own, even before Edward married her. They not only help them by defending them from their enemies, they also put their lives on the line for their children. They would do anything to protect them.

♥Marilla and Matthew Cuthbert♥
Anne had never had anyone who not only she could rely on, but who truly and unconditionally loved her. Anne is an orphan and even when the Cuthbert siblings, Marilla and Matthew had requested a boy, so he could help out Matthew around the farm. They took Anne in and through all her ups and downs, unthinkable behavior, they showed her that no matter what she  does, they will love her and support her.

♥Hamitch Albernathy♥
Even though Hamitch distances himself from both Katniss and Peeta, he truly forms a bond with both, especially Katniss. He takes the place of a father figure for her, even if it wasn't intentional. He looks out for her and does everything in his power to keep her alive and get the sponsors that do just that. He also looks over Peeta during the tours and he becomes extremely close with both during the Games and Tours in this series.


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