Aug 22, 2014

COVER REVEAL│Zombified by Maggie LaCroix

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A Cover Reveal

by Maggie LaCroix

Release Date: August 28 , 2014


Zombified-3D-Paperback-eReaderMonsters know their place: vampires are sexy; zombies just decompose. But Maggie La Croix’s Zombified conjures up an entirely different kind of undead raised by good old-fashioned Voodoo. These gorgeous walking corpses are spared the indignities of putrefaction.

Take Henri Jolicoeur. More than one hundred years after his death he is still a bewitching Adonis. But zombification does have its downsides—a powerful Voodoo priest who enslaved Henri, his teenage zombie sister, and five other poor souls. That is, until a hurricane devastates Louisiana and breaks the curse.

Enter Josie Cortez, a Texas newspaper reporter who desperately needs a good story to get her editor off her back. One look at Henri and his weird little family and she knows she’s struck journalism gold. But strange, dark things keep happening around Henri. Falling for a man without a heartbeat could get her more than a broken heart. It could get her zombified.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhen she first embarked in fiction writing, Maggie thought, Piece of cake. After all, she’d been a newspaper reporter for ten years; writing was her daily bread. But Zombified, her first novel about a band of sexy zombies, was anything but easy. The story wasn’t conveniently laid out for her at a press conference; it had to be coaxed out of her own imagination. Plot points resisted solving, descriptions meandered, and characters misbehaved. But just when things seemed bleakest, it happened. Maggie fell in love with it all: the zombies, the love story, and even the rituals of writing.

Maggie likes her leading women flawed and her science fiction sexy. She went to school for journalism and political science. She lives in the United States.



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