Mar 5, 2014

Top 5 Wednesday│Friendships


This week's Top 5 is Friendships. This seems like an easy feat, but when I went to narrow down the choices, I found it to be somewhat difficult! After spending all day, I have narrowed my top 5 choices.

♥Brooke and Melanie♥
Even though Brooke is off with Remy and working for him while he is on the road, she keeps in touch with Melanie. They have this bond that is rare and they truly do love each other, even if they don't act like it at times.

♥Abby and America♥
These two girls are truly "Pea's in a Pod"! They are as much family as they are friends. Both Abby and America protect each other no matter what. If they are in the wrong, they still have each other's backs.

♥Sky and Six♥
Even though Six leaves in the first few chapters of this book, she still has a strong influence with Sky. Six takes the time to keep up with what's going on and she isn't afraid to put Holder in his place when he messes up, even if its through texts. I absolutely love these girls and the friendship that they have built.

♥Holder and Daniel♥
Okay, this one was close to being my number 1 pick. Holder and Daniel have this banter with each other that cracks me up. This is very rare to see with friends, which makes you see that the truly are best friends.

♥Rose and Lissa♥
These girls are best friends in the truest form! They literally put their lives on the line for the other. They fight on occasion, but when it comes down to it, both would do anything for the other, even sacrifice them selves or their sanity! They are bonded and I believe they were before they were Shadow Kissed!

There we have it, my Top 5 Friendships! Please let me know your thoughts and if you would like to see the Top 5 Wednesday in video VS blog form!


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